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I miss my couple by AbrahamSmarterboy I miss my couple :iconabrahamsmarterboy:AbrahamSmarterboy 0 0 Ready for dance by AbrahamSmarterboy Ready for dance :iconabrahamsmarterboy:AbrahamSmarterboy 14 5 Bali (Remake) by AbrahamSmarterboy Bali (Remake) :iconabrahamsmarterboy:AbrahamSmarterboy 3 9 Swim lover by AbrahamSmarterboy Swim lover :iconabrahamsmarterboy:AbrahamSmarterboy 6 11 Don't faint bolo by AbrahamSmarterboy Don't faint bolo :iconabrahamsmarterboy:AbrahamSmarterboy 16 12 Asking on a Date (Remake) by AbrahamSmarterboy Asking on a Date (Remake) :iconabrahamsmarterboy:AbrahamSmarterboy 11 7 In Jeans-S+B (Redraw Permission) by AbrahamSmarterboy In Jeans-S+B (Redraw Permission) :iconabrahamsmarterboy:AbrahamSmarterboy 18 19 Learn how to Dance by AbrahamSmarterboy Learn how to Dance :iconabrahamsmarterboy:AbrahamSmarterboy 11 11 It's time to switch by AbrahamSmarterboy It's time to switch :iconabrahamsmarterboy:AbrahamSmarterboy 28 14 The Secret hang out by AbrahamSmarterboy The Secret hang out :iconabrahamsmarterboy:AbrahamSmarterboy 23 13 Shantae the Singer by AbrahamSmarterboy Shantae the Singer :iconabrahamsmarterboy:AbrahamSmarterboy 23 15 The future Spouses by AbrahamSmarterboy The future Spouses :iconabrahamsmarterboy:AbrahamSmarterboy 4 6 Bahira in Bath House by AbrahamSmarterboy Bahira in Bath House :iconabrahamsmarterboy:AbrahamSmarterboy 7 9 Roxy Boots by AbrahamSmarterboy Roxy Boots :iconabrahamsmarterboy:AbrahamSmarterboy 12 8 Bahira new swimsuit by AbrahamSmarterboy Bahira new swimsuit :iconabrahamsmarterboy:AbrahamSmarterboy 15 4 Pregnant Bahira by AbrahamSmarterboy Pregnant Bahira :iconabrahamsmarterboy:AbrahamSmarterboy 13 7


Shantae vs Risky Boots
In Scuttle Town. Shantae whacks many Tinkerbats with her hair whip.
Shantae: bring it on Risky Boots!
Risky Boots: think again Genie brat!!
The Tinkersub transforms into a giant robot.
Shantae: uh oh.
Risky Boots: prepare to be destroyed!
The half-genie girl turns into elephant form and rams to the robot. The Tinkersub tries to punch her but she dodges. Shantae turns in harpy form and shoots feather projectiles at the robot but fails. The Tinkersub slaps her away as Shantae reverts to normal.
In Mermaid Falls.
Giga Mermaid: and then Giga Naga says "i hope i'm not poisonous".
Railey: why?
Giga Mermaid: because i bit my lip!
Railey: (laughs) that's so much fun!
Giga Mermaid: that's funny. I have great time with my friends.
Shantae lands on Giga Mermaid's cleavage.
Shantae: ow. Good thing i land on something bouncy.
Giga Mermaid: (picks Shantae up) hey Shantae. How did you land on my bust?
Shantae: long story girl.
Railey: let me guess. Risky Boots problem?
Shantae: yeah. Can you help me
:iconnickhalperin:nickhalperin 5 28
Shantae vs giant snake
In Scuttle Town. Everyone runs for their lives from a giant snake as it hisses.
Shantae: ever since Risky Boots is eaten by Giga Mermaid, a giant snake appears to terrorize Scuttle Town. Transform!
She turns in monkey form and dodges the giant serpent's attacks. But the half-genie girl gets smacked by its tail.
Sky: girl. The snake's going to eat Mayor Scuttlebutt.
Shantae: i have to save him!
Bolo: that's ironic. You just want to save the man who fired you.
Shantae: it's better that than letting the snake eats him.
Mayor Scuttlebutt: help me!! The giant snake's gonan eat me!!!
Mayor Scuttlebutt is eaten by the giant boa constrictor as it hisses at the heroes.
Sky: that snake is a boa constrictor. Luckily it's not venomous.
Shantae: good news.
Bolo: but it can coil and constrict its prey with its body.
Shantae: bad news! Hey snakey! Come and get me!!!
The boa constrictor charges at Shantae as she turns in elephant form and steps on its tail as it hisses in pain. The gian
:iconnickhalperin:nickhalperin 6 20
Bolo And Flurry Heart by charmy126 Bolo And Flurry Heart :iconcharmy126:charmy126 3 0 Bali by charmy126 Bali :iconcharmy126:charmy126 9 3
shantae next generation
got into the video game shantae and decided to make some fankids. they are:
bali- the son of bolo and shantae. he looks like a male version of his mother but with no ponytail and his dads hair color. he wears a vest like his dads and wears a shorter blue version of his moms pants with shoes to match. he also carries a weapon made of his moms ponytail (there was an incident with risky boots and her sword). at first he was worried he wouldn't have genie powers because he's a boy but did end up getting them. he is also a very skilled in combat and knows fighter moves. he has a strong sense of justice and is willing to protect those he loves. he also sometimes like to like his dad when it comes to cute girls but not as bad.
skyler- the daughter of sky. she looks like her mom but has wavy hair that she keeps hidden in her hood. she has a bird companion who is the son of wrench and a phoenix. she loves birds and will not tolerate people being mean to them. she is bail's best friend and one o
:iconcharmy126:charmy126 2 3
Giant Shantae hugs Grant. by nickhalperin Giant Shantae hugs Grant. :iconnickhalperin:nickhalperin 14 19
Bolo's heroic moments
In Mermaid Falls.
Bolo: hey Mermaids.
Mermaid: wanna meet our queen?
Bolo: sure.
Mermaid 2: she'll be here.
They bring him to Giga Mermaid who's playing poker with Railey Hardback.
Giga Mermaid: welcome Bolo.
Railey: hey bro.
Bolo: hey girls.
Giga Mermaid: what are you doing here? Just asking.
Bolo: um your mermaid majesty. Would you like to be my da. (falls into the water)
Giga Mermaid and Railey laughs.
Giga Mermaid: (laughs) oh Bolo. You made me laugh.
Bolo: (spits some water out) sorry. Wanna go on a date with me?
Giga Mermaid: i would like to but i'm a queen. I have to keep Mermaid Falls in order.
Railey: she keeps her title as queen seriously bro. Why not asking some mermaids.
Bolo: okay. (to two mermaids) hey girls. Wanna hang out with me? (the mermaids swims underwater) ow man.
Voice: hello funny boy.
Trida appears.
Bolo: who are you?
Trida: i'm Trida. One of Giga Mermaid's warriors.
Bolo: hello Trida. Would you like to go on a date with me?
Trida: sure. I kinda like humans lik
:iconnickhalperin:nickhalperin 10 33
Mermaid Falls paradise
In Mermaid Falls. The mermaids are hanging out.
Railey: hey Giga Mermaid.
Giga Mermaid: hey roomie.
Railey: so what you are you doing?
Giga Mermaid: relaxing girl.
Railey: that's so cool.
Giga Mermaid: can you do something for me?
Railey: anything your majesty.
Giga Mermaid: can you give me a back massage?
Railey: sure.
Railey gives Giga Mermaid a back massage.
Giga Mermaid: that's good girl.
Railey: yup. Four arms are better than two.
Giga Mermaid: you're a good friend to me.
Railey: thanks. My brother Benorian is cool.
Giga Mermaid: he sure is.
The ground shakes.
Giga Mermaid: what the?
Wilbur appears roaring.
Railey: Wilbur? I thought Shantae destroyed him.
Giga Mermaid: cleary he survived his defeat. But not this time.
The battle begins. Giga Mermaid shoots lasers from her gem at Wilbur, hitting him. The giant worm shoots eyeball blasts at the mermaid queen but she dives underwater to dodge them, swims back to the surface and punches it, knocking it out.
Railey: good job girl.
:iconnickhalperin:nickhalperin 8 60
Sea by SuperArtNerdJ Sea :iconsuperartnerdj:SuperArtNerdJ 27 6 Bolo's Crossover Friends by charmy126 Bolo's Crossover Friends :iconcharmy126:charmy126 2 0
Shantae and the Dark Genie
In a land. Giga Wrench lands. Sky and Shantae steps out.
Shantae: here it is. This is where we find an half-genie girl.
Sky: okay i'll be waiting for you girl.
Shantae: hey half-genie girl. I'm Shantae. A fellow half-genie. I want to be your friend.
A giant sandworm appears roaring.
Shantae: a sandworm. Come on ugly beast!
She shoots fireballs at the worm but it dodges by burrow itself underground and then ambushes her. It is about to devour Shantae but she's saved by the half-genie girl named Sally.
Sally: don't worry fellow half-genie, take some rest. I'll deal with this beast! Come and get me! I've seen monsters tougher than you!
The sandworm roars and charges at her. Sally shoots a rainbow colored energy beam which hits and destroys the sandworm.
Sky: that was awesome.
Sally: thanks girl.
Shantae: wow. You totally destroyed a sandworm. Amazing! Who are you?
Sally: i'm Sally. Half-genie adventurer. I never seen a fellow half-genie before.
Shantae: untill now. Wanna hang out with me?
:iconnickhalperin:nickhalperin 4 30
Giga best friends
In a desert. Jonathan Thumb finds the ScorpGal lair and meets two ScorpGals Stingy and Tailia.
Jonathan: hello ScorpGals! I'm Jonathan Thumb. Freelance cop.
Stingy: who invited you human!
Jonathan: your queen invited me.
Tailia: she expects your visit boy.
The ScorpGals takes him to Giga Scorpion's throne room. The Scorpion Queen appears.
Giga Scorpion: welcome Jonathan.
Jonathan: you are adorable and pretty.
Giga Scorpion: (holds the youngster and cuddles him) awww you're so cute.
Jonathan: hellooooooooooo nurse.
Giga Scorpion: actually i'm a queen. Not a nurse.
Jonathan: okay. I wish my friends will be around to see me.
Giga Scorpion: you have friends?
Jonathan: yes. I have Marie, Sqweep and Denkou and any girl as my friends.
Giga Scorpion: because you're cute and lovely.
Jonathan: thanks girl.
The water next to Giga Scorpion's throne begins to spout and Giga Mermaid appears from the water.
Giga Mermaid: hey Jonathan. Hey Giga Scorpion.
Giga Scorpion: Giga Mermaid.
Both que
:iconnickhalperin:nickhalperin 5 52
Shantae and Benorian vs pirates
In Risky Boots's lair.
Risky Boots: i wanted to get rid of the blasted genie brat Shantae so that the world will be mine!
Voice: that's exactly what i wanted.
Dreaded Gloves and his army of Triggermites appears.
Dreaded Gloves: greetings. I am Dreaded Gloves. King of the seven lands.
Risky Boots: and i'm Risky Boots. Queen of the seven seas.
Dreaded Gloves: if you are the queen, why don't i see a throne or a water castle? (chuckles)
Risky Boots: haha very sarcastic of you. What are you doing anyway?
Dreaded Gloves: arrgh. It seems that we have something in common. Like world domination.
Risky Boots: indeed.
Dreaded Gloves: i can not only pillaging every town in Sequin Land for treasures and goodies but i also love kidnapping the Sequin Land's worthy fighters and forcing them to fight just like gladiators!
Risky Boots: impressive. Show me your gladiator arena.
Dreaded Gloves: all in good times fellow pirate lady. I'm here to form an alliance with you.
Risky Boots: i'm listening.
:iconnickhalperin:nickhalperin 5 25
they're ready by NTKDBZ
Mature content
they're ready :iconntkdbz:NTKDBZ 6 11
Battle of Infinity.
In Scuttle Town. Everyone runs away from Weeping Angels. Shantae rushes to action.
Shantae: i am the Guardian Genie! I demand you to leave Sequin Land!
The Angels bares their fangs. Shantae turns into elephant form to break them but no avail. When she reverts to normal, an Angel grabs her arms and another one is about to send the half-genie girl to the past with it's touch only to be destroyed by Coach's Paradox Blaster. The Angel who hold Shantae is destroyed by the weapon's energy blast.
Coach: there's gonna be some biblical shit happenin' to you if you do that again!
The Doctor: relax Coach. We have to destroy the Weeping Angels.
The Angels advance. Coach destroys 4 with the Paradox Blaster. The Doctor destroys 6 with his Paradox Blaster. The Weeping Angels are destroyed.
Coach: we saved a fishing town doc.
The Doctor: we did it.
Shantae: thanks for the rescue. I tried to stop them.
The Doctor: hello miss. I'm the Doctor. And this is Coach.
Coach: my friends call me Cheeseburger Apo
:iconnickhalperin:nickhalperin 3 20
COM: Old School Love by ShadowBunny89 COM: Old School Love :iconshadowbunny89:ShadowBunny89 24 6


Romantic Couple
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I'm I Love Video Games Button by Kyu-Dan

Shantae fan stamp by TriforceBoy and I love stamps - bolo The fighter by evilmurkrow

Shantae x Bolo stamp by Scorching-Whirlwind:love:


I miss my couple
The year 2013-2016 i ship them but I'm sad that they are not, but i miss them and i will move on:(

Stupid studio who fuck everything up >: (
38 deviations
Swim lover
It was gift to my best pal in the whole world
by Scorching-Whirlwind


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